Ekaterina Sergeeva was born on August 4, 1966 in Kazakhstan. She grew up and was educated in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). After school graduating she entered the Electrical Engineering College. After college, she worked for 1 year at the Research Institute of Small Electric Machines. Then she entered St. Petersburg University of Industrial Technology and Design. After university graduation, she worked as a clothing designer.

    Ekaterina  paintes in  abstract style. According to the artist abstract painting reflects the cosmic speeds of our subconscious processes. We live in a world of information fields. The past, present and future, ideas, emotions and feelings, digital information - all this is processed by the human brain in moments and produces a result, the fastest reader of which is our intuition. Looking at the abstract picture the viewer will not find specific objects, but he considers the information intuitively and can solve a specific problem without realizing his abilities to see the invisible. The artist can display the invisible world actively affecting our life.

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